The Extraction Method Makes a HUGE Difference

The Extraction Method Makes a HUGE Difference 600 600 admin

The Extraction Method Makes a HUGE Difference

April 23, 2021

CBD Extraction Verdania Fields

You need to know more than just where your CBD comes from; you need to know how it’s processed.

The type of extraction method is important because some methods compromise healing potential by eliminating many of the beneficial compounds, while others can leave toxic solvents behind.

Verdania Fields’ cannabinoids (including CBD) are extracted using organic food-grade ethanol extraction – specifically organic sugar cane – to preserve the integrity of the multitude of beneficial compounds the cannabis plant has to offer, which dramatically increases its efficacy. (Most other ethanol extraction’s use Everclear, which is derived from GMO corn).

Other extraction methods, including the prevalent and inexpensive Co2, are not optimal because the plant’s constituents (cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids etc.) are isolated and subsequently reconstituted, which preserves only a dozen compounds and therefore hinders its therapeutic applications. Though Co2 products are marked as “full spectrum,” they only contain a fraction of the spectrum.

In contrast, Verdania Fields’ formulas contain nearly 500+ compounds. In fact, research confirms our products are 4x more potent than Isolate CBD or Co2 extraction.

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