Not All CBD is Created Equal

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Not All CBD is Created Equal

October 28, 2020

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There’s a lot of confusion about how to choose the purest and most effective/potent CBD.

When Wendy and I started to investigate CBD, we were pretty skeptical and a little nervous about trying it. We found a lot of conflicting information and weren’t even sure who to trust. It was not until we found Janna Champagne, a clinician and medical expert, that we found the answers we were looking for.

That’s why our mission is to give women the information they need to take control of their health and wellness and take the guesswork out of finding the right CBD.

1. Flower Power
The flower is the source of the purest, most potent CBD. Just the flower. No stalks, stems or leaves. Look for products that concentrate the cannabis flower without altering the contents. It’s the best option for people whose goal is improved health. This is called a whole/full spectrum formulation. Cannabis is a very complex plant, containing over 165 cannabinoids, 200 terpenes, bioflavonoids, chlorophyll, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants. All these ingredients play an important role in maintaining health.

2. The Extraction Method Makes a Big Difference
It’s not enough to just know where the CBD comes from. You need to know how it’s processed. Some extraction methods compromise healing by eliminating beneficial compounds and others leave toxic solvents behind.

CO2 extraction is a new, popular method that can affect the quality of the final product. Because plant compounds are isolated then reconstituted, valuable compounds are lost. It is important to preserve all the compounds to maximize the therapeutic effect, a process known as the “Entourage Effect.” While CO2 products are marketed as “full spectrum,” they often contain only a fraction of the spectrum–usually about a dozen compounds–compared to products with the full complement of 500+ compounds.

Research has shown ethanol extraction is a preferred method to keep the vast majority of these ingredients intact to provide optimal health benefits.

3. Flower vs Industrial Hemp
Most CBD on the market is made from industrial hemp because it is less expensive. Industrial hemp is sparse in flower and often includes stalks, stems, and leaves which offer little to no potency and less spectrum.    In addition, industrial hemp is a bio-accumulator which means it cleans soil and retains toxins so where it is sourced is very important.

4. Third Party Testing
The is no legal requirement to test CBD but you should always look for companies that test their product to ensure the product is pure, potent and free of any contaminants like pesticides, heavy metals or mold.

5. Organic
This may seem obvious but for those who are looking to improve their health, toxic exposure may be harmful and could potentially negate any benefit received from CBD.

6. Don’t Judge CBD by Milligrams Alone.
Many people think more milligrams mean better quality and more potency. It’s a common mistake. You can find products up to 3000 milligrams at a significantly higher prices. But there is a catch. Research proves that whole plant formulation is 4x more potent. Whole plant products are effective at 20-25% of the dose of isolate or CO2 extraction. That means with a 300-milligram whole plant product, you’re getting the equivalent potency of a 1200 milligrams of a lesser product.

7. You’re Skeptical. You’ve tried CBD before. It hasn’t worked.
It’s probably because you didn’t have the right kind of CBD. Research has shown that isolate and CO2 extractions result in a bell curve response. This is why some products work initially and then stop working despite increased dosages.

To your health,
Pamela & Wendy