Janna Champagne, BSN, RN

Nurse Janna’s Bio

Nurse Janna’s introduction to the cannabis industry began as a cannabis patient–who also happened to be a nurse–when she suffered a debilitating immune health collapse in 2012.  Janna credits cannabis for helping to reduce her reliance on harmful pharmaceuticals and for supporting her ability to regain her health against all odds.  Janna is also known for her success in treating her daughter’s Autism with cannabis. This success became the cover story in a national industry magazine in 2017.

Nurse Janna’s focus is holistic treatment–natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals including CBD and cannabis therapy–and epigenetic screening (nutrigenomics).  She has worked as a cannabis-specialty nurse since 2015, and has educated thousands of patients, helping them optimize their cannabis therapy outcomes through an individualized and well-informed approach. Janna has gained extensive clinical knowledge through working with thousands of patients. Her process determines which genetically-individualized CBD and cannabis products target the underlying contributors to chronic illness, unlocking the body’s potential for deeper healing.

Nurse Janna’s specialties include: Autism, Inflammatory/Chronic Pain Syndromes, Autoimmune, Neurological, Gastrointestinal, and Mental Health conditions.  Clients are guided through a process to decrease dependency on pharmaceuticals and optimize the efficacy of safe and effective natural interventions. She also educates nurses and other medical professionals about CBD and cannabis and formulates the exceptional quality products to target specific symptoms.

Nurse Janna is a founding member of Cannabis Nurses Network, serving on CNN’s Speaker’s Bureau, and she was also awarded Leader of Nursing and Outstanding Author for Cannabis Nurses Media.   As Education Project Manager, she also created a series of cannabis education courses (pending accreditation) specifically for nurses seeking knowledge to help their patients.   Nurse Janna is a member of the Oregon Cannabis Clinician’s Group, and on the Patient Care Subcommittee of the Oregon Cannabis Commission.   Nurse Janna has completed the Cannabis Nurse courses at The Medical Cannabis Institute,  serves as Leadership for Cannabis Nurses Network , and a member of the Oregon Holistic Nurses Association.

Nurse Janna will be available for complementary 15-minute consultations to answer your questions about how CBD can help you and to discuss your particular health concerns. If you have more complex health and wellness issues, you will be able to schedule an in-depth consultation directly with her.