We created Verdania Fields as a partnership between two friends with a simple idea—to help women feel better. But this partnership is much bigger than the two of us, it’s a partnership with a whole community of women looking for better solutions for their health and wellness.

Our partnership started with a conversation. First between us, then with our friends and now with you. A conversation about all the amazing women in our lives who do so much for so many. Women who haven’t had a decent night’s sleep in years, who take on more responsibility than they should but keep pushing forward and make a difference.

Since we first thought about Verdania Fields, our world has radically changed—in just a few short months.

Here we arein the middle of an epic global challenge. How do we stay strong? How do we remain healthy and grounded no matter what life throws our way?

Now that the stakes are higher, we yearn for the basics.  A good night’s sleep. A little less stress. A feeling of well-being. And a hug.

They say the best medicine is love. And it all starts by loving yourself.

All of us could use a boost. To rebalance our body, realign our mind, replenish our spirit, and reconnect with joy.

Verdania Fields doesn’t make just any CBD. It’s a rich, pure, and potent CBD unlike any other we found.



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P.S. We are pleased to share our first interview on Blog Talk Radio, the world’s largest online talk radio network.